Books: Edited Collections

Parks, Steve, Brian Baille Heather Christiansen, Tamara Issak, Jessica Pauszek, and Jim Seitz. The Best of Independent Rhetoric and Composition Journals 2014. Parlor Press, March 2016. Print.

  • Seitz, Jim and Jessica Pauszek. “Introduction.” The Best of Independent Rhetoric and Composition Journals 2014. Parlor Press, March 2016. Print.

Books: Community Publications 

Preserving Hidden HistoriesNew City Community Press, December 2016. Print.

 Special Issues

Kuebrich, Ben, Jessica Pauszek, and Steve Parks. Special Issue on “The New Activism.” Literacy in Composition Studies 3.1. (March 2015).

  • Kuebrich, Ben, Jessica Pauszek, and Steve Parks. “The New Activism.” Literacy in Composition Studies 1. (March 2015): vi-xi. Web.


Pauszek, Jessica. “When Some Members Can’t Write: Building Alternative Educational Spaces From the Ground Up,” College Composition and Communication, Forthcoming Fall 2017.

Kirklighter, Cristina, Wilma Harvey, and Jessica Pauszek. “Interview with Steve Parks.” Reflections: A Journal for Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing, and Service-Learning 14.1 (Spring 2015): 7-21. Print.

Book Reviews

Pauszek, Jessica. Book Review of Negotiating A Perilous Empowerment: Appalachian Women’s Literacies by Erica Abrams Locklear. Community Literacy Journal 10.1 (Autumn 2015): 117-121. Print.

 Digital Projects

FWWCP Digital Collection, with Steve Parks, Jeff Howarth, and the FWWCP Executive Committee

This on-going digital archival project brings together Syracuse University and London Metropolitan University’s Trades Union Congress Library (TUC) work with printed archives of the Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers (FWWCP). The TUC hosts a printed collection of over 2,000 publications by working-class writers who were part of the FWWCP from 1976-2007. This digital collection features a database search of the printed archive (by region, publisher, theme, date), historical background, and digital copies of the rare publications.

Federal Writers Audio Project Team, with Shannon Carter, Deb Mutnick, Ben Kuebrich, Steve Parks.

As part of a national project to reinvigorate the goals of the Federal Writers Project, the project team developed an audio project asking recognized scholars to discuss the relationship between writing and democracy. This work also manifested in multiple collaborate efforts, which included CCCC workshops (2013, 2014). For full description, see: Audio files will be used in proposed book focused on the work of the Federal Writers Project 2.0.

Pauszek, Jessica. “Introduction,” Feminist Perspectives on Living a Rhetorical Life in a Transnational World. This Rhetorical Life. 12 April 2013. Podcast.