My goal with teaching is to foster collaborative learning environments focused on the literacy experiences and multiple identities that each of us bring to learning spaces from in-and-out of school contexts. Here, you will find my teaching philosophy and examples of the range of courses I’ve taught at the college level. I have included sample syllabi and assignments from these courses. Please feel free to contact me at jessica.pauszek@tamuc.edu if you have questions.

Syracuse University

WRT 307: Professional Writing *Shared Course Syllabus*

WRT 307 is an upper division writing course for teaching professional communication skills and rhetorical problem-solving principles.

WRT 301 Civic Writing

WRT 301 is an upper division course geared toward writing for civic purposes and public audiences.

WRT 205 Critical Research

WRT 205 is the second writing course within the required sequence. It focuses on research as a primary form of critical inquiry.

WRT 105: Practices of Academic Writing 

WRT 105 is the first required writing course in the sequence. It focuses on critical inquiry and uses writing both as a subject and the primary activity within the class.

WRT 104: Introduction to College Level Writing

WRT 104 is an introduction to various college level writing contexts and assignments.

Northeastern University 

ENGL 4694: Topics In Experiential Education *Service-Learning Teaching Assistant*


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